Corner Booth Blend Coffee (3-Pack)



Rolling up to a roadside Diner for a hard-earned pitstop is a decidedly American experience. Caffeine obsessed ourselves, we wanted to embrace the history and create our own homage to the diner culture that created another very American pastime – the coffee break.

Inspired by the warmth of an oversized mug in your hands, the whiff of a fresh brewed pot, and the quip of the waitress topping off that bottomless cup, our CORNER BOOTH BLEND is, for us, the everyday sipper. A custom made blend of Columbian, Costa Rican and Guatemalan beans it’s bold and flavorful to wake you up, but medium roasted to go down smooth, mug after mug.

Enjoy it even more in our GSCo Diner Mug.


12 oz whole (or ground) beans

Medium roasted 

Columbian, Costa Rican and Guatemalan beans.

Made by Chris’ Coffee in Albany, NY

Made in USA Partner

Chris’ Coffee

Started in the back of El Camino Super Sport, Chris' Coffee has grown from a handshake agreement in 1975 to become one of the area best sources of locally roasted beans, as well as a leading importer of Italian-made home espresso machines. A local guy at heart, Chris Nachtrieb turned an entrepreneurial spirit and his love of coffee into a respected and thriving family business and proudly supplies specialty roasted and custom blended coffee to the Tri-State's best restaurants, cafés and classic diners.