The thought of waking up at 4:30am will make most people feel sick, but we don’t mind. There’s something exciting about getting on the road when everyone else is still asleep. It’s dark and quiet with no one around and when the sun finally rises, you're already well on our way. In ten hours we’d be in Wildwood, NJ. Why were we driving all that way? Because that’s where we'd find the greatest race on earth. The Race of Gentlemen.

With the Vegas-like neon signs hanging over the motels and diners of the 1950’s Doo-wop era, the old town of Wildwood is the perfect setting for a group of vintage race cars and motorbikes. Making our way across the beach towards the water, it felt as if we were crossing a small desert with a mirage of activity forever lingering in the distance. Maybe we should have worn sandals.

As we approached the entrance, we could hear the rumbling of engines and the intermittent roar of two competitors fighting for the finish line. Inside the grounds, every little detail had been considered and it delivered an experience that was unforgettable. The hand painted sponsor signs of Harley Davidson, Craftsman and Pabst Blue Ribbon, the large circus tents, and wooden watch towers. The Race of Gentlemen was a beautiful homage to an incredible time in automobile and motorcycle history and is now building it’s own place in the history books. With the right camera, you might trick someone in to thinking you just went back in time for the weekend.

All we can say is you should have been there. -GSCo

Written by Chris Logsdon

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