Godspeed Co. has been avid followers, participants, and supporters of the Gentleman's Ride for years now. In fact, a couple of us met on the NYC ride, became fast friends and now biz partners. This year, we're proud to be a local sponsor of the NYC ride, with co-founder Mike co-hosting the event. Tally Ho, indeed!  - GSCo.

The Gentleman's Ride Makes Its Mark on NYC.

Words: Mike Higgins     
Images: Rahoul Ghose, Hugh Miller, Ryan Handt, and Arnaldo Vargas

The Distinguished Gentleman's RIde celebrated 10 years since the first group of folks cinched their silk ties and pulled on helmets to form a charity ride for prostate cancer research. That decade has seen the ride grow from several groups in a few cities, to over 700 rides in countless countries, with 70,0000 plus participants in a single year helping raise funds and awareness for an expanding range of Men's Health issues. Ten years has seen over $35 Million dollars raised.

This years ride was, of course, hampered by Covid restrictions, with many cities adopting a Ride Solo format to eliminate the large groups that the ride enjoys. NYC followed suit, but introduced what they called a Passport Challenge that gave riders a few destinations to make a stop along their route through NYC.

One such stop proved to be an epic opportunity. Working with NYPD, ride hosts Allister Klingensmith and our own Mike Higgins were able to shut down the Park Ave viaduct, allowing riders to get photographed in front of the iconic Grand Central Terminal.

We pay tribute to the cause, the efforts of several photographers, and the sheer audacity of the DGR NYC to attempt such a stunt, by sharing a few galleries from the big event.

We'll start with a few ridiculous shots from Hugh Miller, aka @MillerMotography:



The entire Rolling Photo opportunity was sponsored by Proraso USA, a long-time DGR NYC sponsor, and coordinated by Rahoul Ghose of NYCMotorcyclist. His own gallery gives a more intimate and candid view of the riders as they roll into place for their portraits:


Another veteran of the DGR NYC and contributing photographer that gave his own view of the festivities that day was our friend, Ryan Handt. He chose to hang back a bit and get a behind the scenes look at things, with great effect:


Another stop along the Passport Challenge was Gotham Depot Moto, a short ride across the bridges to Brooklyn. There, riders encountered yet another opportunity for an amazing photo of themselves on their classic motos. Our final showcase highlights the work of Arnaldo Vargas, and his wonderful portraits:



A big congrats to the Gentleman's Ride for reaching a truly remarkable milestone. And to the DGR NYC crew for another great showing, with 660+ riders registered and just over $91K raised for Men's Health.

For a full viewing of the expanded and fantastic galleries from the day's festivities, visit NYCMotorcyclist.com.



Written by Mike Higgins

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