The Diner Mug


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With a proud salute to all the roadside joints that serve up a piping hot cup of joe from sea to shining sea, we offer the GSCo Diner Mug. 

Our search for the classic coffee cup led us to American Mug & Stein Company, and an Ohio River town once called, "The Pottery Capital." of the U.S. Known as the "Texas Teacup," this mug boasts a hefty size, unique handle, and sturdy ceramic created by resurrecting an archived casting mold. Hand cast, finished and glazed in the centuries-old tradition, it’s ready to take on a giant pour of your favorite pick me up. 

Fill it to the brim with our GSCo Corner Booth Blend.


15 oz Liquid Capacity

Bold Screen Printed Graphics

Hand Cast & Glazed

Heavy, 1.2 Pound Ivory Ceramic

Finger Perch Handle

Dishwasher safe

Made by American Mug & Stein in East Liverpool, OH

Made in USA Partner

American Mug & Stein

Originally founded as Pioneer Pottery in 1935, The American Mug & Stein Company of East LIverpool, Ohio is one of only two manufacturers of handmade ceramics left in America. Once the country’s center of ceramic production, its proximity to the river and the area’s abundance of yellow clay led to East Liverpool earning the nickname, the "Pottery Capital.” Specializing in the manufacture of hand cast coffee mugs and German beer steins, they are now a small but proud factory using the same time-honored methods that made the town famous.