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  • American-made 100% cotton Osnaburg fabric
  • Cotton lining for 2 layers of protection
  • Equipped with American-made aluminum fit wire
  • One Size - fits average adult male
  • Wash regularly by hand and air dry
  • NOT meant to be a substitute for medical-grade equipment
  • Made by hand in Brooklyn, NY

  • For every mask sold, Godspeed Co will donate one to NYC First Responders

In this challenging time, we're proud to offer the SHOP RAG MASK. Both as a way to make good masks available for some basic protection, but also to ensure we can continue giving to those most in need. For every Shop Rag Mask sold, Godspeed Co will match it with a donation mask for NYC's First Responders. 


Proudly made in Brooklyn, NY and constructed of our American-made shop rag fabric, with an aluminum fit wire for a snug fit that reduces fogging when wearing glasses. While this mask is not meant to be a substitute for medical-grade equipment, it offers a basic level of protection. For best results, wash regularly by hand and air dry.