The Company


The Godspeed Company started as a way to channel a love of garage culture and the good times and great conversation that happens around it, into something tangible. Friendships were made, ideas were kicked around, partnerships were formed, and a company was born.

Originally from Northern California, Chris lived the life of an U.S. Air Force brat moving every 4 years, having spent time in Japan, southern California and upstate New York. With a background in branding and design and with a passion for motorcycles, he sought to blend the two. This gave birth to The GodSpeed Company.

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Allan has spent his life becoming a creative jack of all trades. After spending some time in NYC as a menswear and accessory designer, he returned to Canada where he began working as a marketing director and photographer in the old steel town of Hamilton, Ontario. Allan continues to spread the word of Godspeed up North. 

A Kansas native, Mike is a self-proclaimed vintage junky, and counts his Honda CB450 "Black Bomber" among his prized distractions. He made the move to NYC to continue work as a creative director in the advertising world. Approaching 20 years in NYC, he has immersed himself in the motorcycle community, where he rides, wrenches, and heads up the NYC chapter of the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.