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The Godspeed Company

Chris Logsdon

Allan Glanfield

Chattanooga, TN


For the love of moto.

Born from the rag that cleaned the hands that built America


An unsung hero of sorts, the iconic red shop rag has existed for decades, traditionally serving a singular purpose: wipe, clean, and sop-up dirt, grease and grime. With its coarse fabric and Merrowed edge, each individual rag tells a story of a job well done.

In partnership with The Merrow Sewing Machine Co. and with the help of their MG-3DR sewing machine, the exact machine responsible for creating the over-locking edge found on every single shop rag, we proudly introduce The Shop Rag Shirt. A first of its kind work-shirt that gets better with age, that stands as a commitment to hard work and pays homage to the worker in all of us.

Merrow Sewing Machine Company

The origins of the Merrow Sewing Machine Co. date back to the early 19th century in Hartford, Connecticut when Joseph M. Merrow first became interested in the manufacturing of gunpowder. After an explosion leveled the mill, a knitting factory built on the same site began producing knitted goods which were originally sold to merchants in New York as well as retailers throughout the New England area. As the demand for goods increased, a machine shop was built in order to support Merrow's factory equipment. This gave birth to the first of the Merrow sewing machines.

In 2004, The Merrow Machine Company was renamed The Merrow Sewing Machine Company and relocated to Wareham, MA after a buyout was organized by Charlie and Owen Merrow (great nephews of Joseph B. Merrow) with the aid of their father Robert Merrow. It’s at this time they announced the continued production of all major lines of sewing machines. 2010 brought several changes for Merrow including a move into the historic Granite Mill Buildings located in Fall River, MA, a city made famous during the 19th century as the leading textile-manufacturing center in the United States.

Merrow has led in the invention, manufacture, and sale of industrial sewing machines for over 170 years and continues its tradition of innovation and precision engineering in the 21st century. In addition to being one of the most recognizable brands of textile equipment in the world, Merrow is the oldest manufacturer of sewing machines still operating in the United States. The company currently manufactures and hand-builds more than 40 styles of industrial sewing machines, including the MG-3DR, the very machine from which the iconic red shop rag was born. We are forever indebted to The Merrow Sewing Machine Co. for their long-standing support in the making of The Shop Rag Shirt.